American Idol Contestant Sings For His Crush Katy

When 27-year-old, Trevor Holmes auditioned for American Idol, never dreamed he'd be singing for his celebrity crush Katy Perry. Holmes confessed during his audition that he had had a crush on Perry for forever!

To his surprise, Katy Perry was crushing right back! From the moment Trevor entered the audition room, Katy exclaims, "Yea my eyes lit up. What's your name dreamboat?" Katy continued to flirt with the American Idol wannabe with remarks like: "You're so hot," "Only hot guys are typically named Trevor," and "Listen, if you're not going to Hollywood, maybe you could just come hang out with me."

Things took a turn when Trevor admitted that he had a girlfriend, but that didn't affect his audition that had Katy embarrassingly swooning. She couldn't stand to look at Trevor as he serenaded the Idol crew Katy, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie. 

Oh and incase you're wondering, the dreamboat made it to Hollywood! Watch below: 

Trevor Holmes then went on Good Morning America with his girlfriend, Sierra, to discuss the Katy Perry "love triangle."

What do you think?? Is Trevor as hot as Katy thinks he is?? 

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