Woman Says SPIRIT Airlines Made Her FLUSH Hamster

A student in PA, traveling back home to Miami says she called and confirmed with Spirit Airlines before her flight to make sure she would be able to bring her hamster on board with her. Belen got the hamster after a cancer scare her freshman year. 

She says the airline twice confirmed the "emotional support animal" was okayed to fly, but when Belen arrived, the airline staff refused to let her on the plane. They apparently told her to FLUSH her pet! 

Belen says she sat for hours debating what to do while opting for a later flight. She claims no one was able to pick her up from the airport and that she was also too young to rent a car. Belen says she then spent 10 minutes crying in the bathroom before flushing her pet.

It appears an operator for the airline did in fact, misinform Belen that the animal was permitted on the plane, but regardless, I think this entire story is unbelievable. The airline AND the pet owner are both disgusting... Read more.


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