Chris Long Has To Get A New Tat Cause Of A SB Bet

Eagles star defensive end Chris Long will BE GETTING an actual tattoo of his coach Ken Flajole’s face if the Eagles win Super Bowl LII thanks to a bet they made prior to the season!

“When Chris came [to Philadelphia], we were just talking, and I think it was probably training camp, and I probably told him something to the extent of, ‘Hey, nothing would be better than to raise the Lombardi Trophy with you,'” Flajole explained to ESPN. “And he said, ‘Hey, if we go to the Super Bowl and win, I’ll put a tattoo of your face on my body. I said, ‘OK, Chris, you better be careful now, because you never know how these things turn sometimes.'”

Long says that while he was joking, he realizes that if the Eagles do win he’s going to have to pay the piper. Not that this will be the first time Long has done anything funny and/or unusual in his NFL career.


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