Boyfriend Proposes After 7 Years But His Girlfriend Doesn't Believe Him

Miranda Mccallion was celebrating her birthday at Patterson Fruit Farm when her boyfriend, Randy, of seven years suddenly dropped to one knee to propose. In disbelief, Miranda took her half eaten apple and threw it directly at Randy's head. (AWKWARD!) Guess she didn't notice the ring! "Are you lying?" Miranda asks. "No" Randy says. Still in disbelief she confirms one more time "Are you really?" before he can even utter the words "Will you marry me?" she tackles him to the floor. It's hilarious and awkward. But what really got us was boyfriend, Randy Wente's reaction. He was a ball of emotions and even crying! It would have been super sweet if Miranda didn't then exclaim "oh it's too small for me!" Overall we got a great laugh! Watch below:

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