Demi Lovato says "Fame is just weird"


Demi Lovato thinks fame is "weird".

The 25-year-old singer was thrust into the limelight after starring in Disney's 'Camp Rock' in 2008 and released her debut single 'This Is Me', and though Demi still can't really get her head around her celebrity status, she thinks she has learnt to "manipulate" her stardom to talk about issues and causes that are important to her.

Speaking in Notion magazine, she said: "Fame is weird, but I manipulate it for the better. We already are in a very narcissistic career - 'look at me, look at me'. I use that as a way to use my voice for more than just singing. If you are not using your voice and not standing up for the things you believe in, and not being vocal about certain topics, then you're just basking in the glory of a very egotistical career."

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