Britney Spears to Perform with Justin Timberlake at The Superbowl!?

CAN YOU IMAGINE!? Here's what we know:

“The rumors of Justin doing the halftime show are true but they are definitely not finalized yet and one person that would love to join him on stage is Britney Spears,” a source close to tells us EXCLUSIVELY. “She originally wanted to do the halftime show herself, but things didn’t work out. Britney wants to bury the hatchet with Justin once and for all, and perform a song with him during the Super Bowl Halftime Show. She loved doing it the first time when NSYNC joined her, Nelly and Aerosmith at Super Bowl 35!  She thinks that it would be epic!” 

So obviously it's a SILM chance, but you never know!  BTW, Super 35 was the BEST HALFTIME SHOW EVER! 


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