You'll Never Believe What 'This Is Us' Was Originally Supposed to Be About!

I'm SO SO SO glad this didn't happen.  It would have ruined the show.  Plus it wouldn't have been that believable either. 

This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman reveals that he originally intended for the show to be a film—about octuplets.

“There was going to be a reveal at the end [of the movie] that they were octuplets born in the late seventies or early eighties," Fogelman said.

Fogelman ultimately decided to make This Is Us a television show because he felt its plot would feel constricting in a two-hour film. “The reason I was struggling with [the film] wasn’t the plot; it was about these characters and how I didn’t want to beginning-middle-and-end them," he said. "I wanted to do this continuous story—which felt very much like the theme of the show.”


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