Have kids? Read this.

A mother-of-three who is determined to never lose her temper with her kids has created a clever hairband trick that has totally changed their relationship.

Kelly Holmes, a 39-year-old mother from the USA, said that she struggled to her temper in check with her children - nine, four and one.

She began to research ways to form healthy habits and used various studies to invent the hairband trick.

The process involves placing five hair ties around your wrist. If you catch yourself losing your cool, you have to move one hair tie to the other wrist.

The goal is to make it to the end of the day with all five hair ties on the original wrist.


You can earn back the hair ties by doing five simple things to reconnect with your child 

The trick was based on research from the Gottman Institute, called ‘Magic 5:1 Ration, which shows how to have a healthy relationship.

For every one negative interaction, you need five positive reactions to balance that out.

The hack was shared on her blog, Idealist Mom, and has gone viral. 


Explaining the inspiration behind her trick, she told the MailOnline: “Ever since I became a mother to three kids, I've struggled to keep my temper in check. One day, I just broke and completely lost it.”

“After that day, I resolved to never let it happen again. I threw myself into researching all the science behind how to form healthy habits, but instead of focusing on eating more vegetables or exercising, I applied the behaviour change tricks I found to the goal of finding more happiness as a parent.”


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