REPORT: Taylor Swift And Katy Perry Are Faking Their Feud!

Buzzfeed must have been listening yesterday, b/c I TALKED ABOUT THIS ON AIR!!!!  I have thought this for years, it's all fake, and it's all a way for them to get more publicity, and for it NOT to be about their love lives.  (Just like Jay Z and Beyonce put all those rumors our that they were splitting up RIGHT as their tour went on sale.  Needless to say, it sold out).  Plus, after watching E!'s new show "The Arrangement" I think EVERYTHING in Hollywood is fake.  

Anyway, Buzzfeed wrote an AMAZING piece/theory about how they thing this is all just to get us to buy more albums, etc, and I am here for it.  They break everything down from how they are still following each other on twitter, to when they make these "statements" it's always before award shows or album releases.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE!


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