How You Get Into The VIP Through Wikipedia?

Hey, I guess this could work!

Adam Boyd, a kid from the UK, was super excited to go see on of his favorite bands, The Sherlocks. However, he showed up just a tad too late and ended up with a crappy view way in the back of the venue. As a result of his anger and maybe a little liquid courage, Adam decided to get creative to make sure he had the best possible view of the show.

If you're related to one of the band members, there's no reason the security guard could stop you from getting a great view. As a result, Adam decided to log on to the band's Wikipedia page to edit his name in to appear that he was related to one of the members of the band. Once he showed the security guard that he was apparently the cousin of the frontman, Kiaran Crook, the guard had no choice but to let him in to the VIP to watch the show!

Is it a genius idea or did he take it too far? Full article here:

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