Where Philly Is On the List of Healthiest US Cities

WalletHub has released a report of the top 150 healthiest cities in the country basing its rankings its categories based on health care, food, fitness and green space. In each of the categories, Philly didn't do so hot...

Out of a possible total score of 100, we only scored a 43.42 making us 90th out of 150. While falling back on the list in many of the categories. When it comes to health care, Philly came in 126th place being the largest city to score that poorly. For all you fitness junkie's, Philly fell to a whopping 131st place citing expensive extremely high costs for gyms and weight-loss incentives.

If you're looking for places where the score is much higher, try most of the West Coast. Or, go head right down to Washington DC, who scored ninth!

For the full list, check out the report from WalletHub

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