Ed Sheeran Was USED To Get Superbowl Tix!

Allegedly, someone from Ed Sheeran's camp, swindled a charity for Superbowl tix! Here's the breakdown:

The "Giving Back Fund" was auctioning off 4 tix to the game worth $50,000. The CEO of the charity received a call (and contract) stating that in exchange for the tickets, Ed Sheeran would perform 2 songs at their event.

The charity agreed and prior to the event, handed (who they thought to be Ed's manger) the Superbowl tix...only, Ed never showed up to perform and the "manager" was never seen again! 

The charity got wind that Ed was actually touring in Australia during the Superbowl and now believes who ever set them up, even forged the singers name! Here's more.

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