Reality TV Star Opens Up About Her Rainbow Baby

You might recognize Jamie Otis for the bizarre reality TV show, "Married At First Sight." On the show, Jamie met her husband, Doug Hehner, on the same day that she married him! Despite all odds, the couple has stayed together and are expecting a rainbow baby!

A rainbow baby is a baby who comes into this world after a previous baby has left it, usually through a miscarriage or stillborn. Jamie and Doug announced their pregnancy at only 10 weeks and hope to raise awareness on rainbow babies, as well as open the conversation about supporting women whose pregnancy end in a loss. 

Jamie and Doug were expecting their first son, Johnathan, in december of 2016 but he tragically became their angel baby when he was born too early at only 4 months.

Check out the photos below:

Jamie writes:

"We are 10 weeks PREGNANT!🎉Ahh, happy doesn't even begin to describe this feeling!🤗 The moment I found out I was pregnant I began telling everyone. I wanted to share with family and friends before announcing publicly, but I knew I wasn't waiting the socially acceptable "3 months" like I was "supposed" to. My hubby and I shared why we chose to announce our pregnancy "early" with /react-text @womansdayaus react-text: 55 . (Link in bio.) We as women are told to wait to share you're pregnant until you're in the "clear" (in second trimester). This is supposed to "protect you" since your chances of loss significantly reduce once you reach your second trimester. You wouldn't wanna announce you're pregnant and then lose the baby, right? ...So women everywhere go around keeping their pregnancy secret "just in case." But then when they do suffer a loss (1 in 4 pregnancy ends in loss) they have to disguise the pain and pretend like nothing happened bc no one ever knew they were even pregnant. What a lonely, isolating feeling. 😞 After I had publicly lost my son - countless women reached out to me to share their story of loss. I received comfort from around the world ... but a lot of these women who reached out to comfort me had never had the chance to share and/or talk about their sweet baby who lives in heaven - no one ever knew they were pregnant to begin with. Miscarriage is as taboo as it gets so you certainly don't mention it in passing or at work or at a dinner with friends. Instead they would paste a smile on their face and wipe the tears so it wouldn't be "awkward." Women should not have to go through this after such a devastating loss. Where's the support for 1 in 4 women? Furthermore, hiding anything doesn't give you the opportunity to be EXCITED about it. I feel like it should be each woman's choice whether they want to keep their pregnancy private or shout it from the rooftops! Who made the rule for women to have to wait "just in case?" I know I'm not the first to announce my pregnancy early and I hope I'm not the last. 💕 hubby and I have squashed fear with so much love, joy, and happiness! We are THRILLED for our #rainbowbaby!"

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