Lea Michele Shares Throwback Of Her And Cory Monteith

Every time we think about the actress/singer/all around gorgeous, Lea Michele, and her late fiance, Cory Monteith, our hearts break all over again!! 

Lea has been sharing a series of polaroid pictures on her Instagram and other social media - each with a simple caption and a year. One of those included a candid and cozy selfie of Michele and Monteith labeled, "BLEEKER ST 2012" one year before Monteith's passing in 2013. 

Is Michele going on a walk down memory lane? Or could these be clues as to a new album release?! She has been hinting at a new album with posts like "Todays the day! Album cover shoot!" but hasn't given any details. 

This past summer, Lea posted a tribute to Cory on the three year anniversary of his passing. It gets us emotional every time. We're looking forward to a bright future for Lea and hopefully new music soon! Check out the photos below: 

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