That award goes to (drumroll) LADY GAGA!

Forbes released the list of “The Top-Earning Celebrities Under 30″ with Gaga coming in at #1 even though she cancelled the rest of her Born This Way tour after having hip surgery.   She's only 27 and earned an estimated $80 million from June 2012 to June 2013!  I mean!

The rest of the list includes mostly female celebrities. (Chicks Rock) Although Justin Bieber takes second place with an estimated $58 million. Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, and Rihanna round out the top five, earning an estimated $55 million, $46 million, and $43 million, respectively. Jennifer Lawrence is the top-earning actor/actress under 30, raking in an estimated $26 million.

And now you can feel bad about yourself the rest of the day.  Ha!