Ummm, can you even imagine!?  Although I'd probably want to make out w/ Justin over my fiance.  Ha!  

Here's the question though, who's Kevin that he just called up Justin?  Here's how it went down:

Kim told Yahoo Music exclusively that the show was a present for Josh's birthday, and she figured the call-out was simply birthday luck. "When Justin asked us on stage I just thought it was just something he does at a concert," she explained. "When I got on stage it was so much emotion at one time...I was just in utter shock I was coming on stage with Justin Timberlake, I didn't even think of a proposal until Josh got the microphone!"

So how did her new fiance manage to get in touch with Timberlake? Kim explains that he started working on this project back in June. "Josh sent almost 100 emails to anyone he could find. And finally, Justin's manager got back in touch with him. They played email tag for a few months, and finally got everything worked out... Josh went the day of the concert to meet Justin and plan the evening. He spent four hours at the Yum! Center with Justin going over every detail of how it was going to go down!"

I mean talk about a A-MAZ-ING fiance!!!!!!