We obviously want her to get better, but we REALLY want her to be here for her show on Monday!  It was already rescheduled (from Tuesday) due to the Flyers playoff schedule, but if she doesn't get better, will she reschedule at all?

 Here's what we know

 Miley  suffered an "extreme" reaction to a drug she took to combat a sinus infection, and her spokesperson has confirmed it will be a long and slow recovery. The representative says, "Miley was suffering from a sinus infection during her tour in N.C. a week ago. She was prescribed the antibiotic cephalexin, which she has now suffered an extreme allergic reaction to. This type of extreme reaction can last from five to 27 days in these types of cases. She will remain hospitalized and is under a doctor's care until we see some improvement and is asking for your compassion and privacy at this time. Miley is devastated about missing shows and possibly disappointing her fans."

Let's be honest, it's not looking good.  It's already Friday and she's STILL in the hospital.  Even if she does get out, she will be weak and need to talk her time recovering.  Let's just hope she reschedules.  :/

It does look like she's still in the hospital, b/c she tweeted this: