As we know Taylor, Ed, and Austin were in Philly for Taylor's RED tour at the Linc.  On Friday night, they went to Ralph's (the very famous authentic Italian resturant in South Philly) for a late night dinner after the show.  

When Max and I saw Ed on Saturday at the Art Museum, he was RAVING about the Veal Parm he had, and now we know how much Taylor left as a thank you!

Say what you want about her, but she's always very gracious and generous! 

Here's what we know:

She picked up the $800 bill and left a $500 tip on top of that! 

“Taylor was very, very nice,” the manager, Ron Trombino, tells exclusively.  “The whole group ordered off the menu, whatever they wanted. Taylor had chicken parmesan.”

“It was a very nice experience, very easy,” Trombino says. “Taylor was really very down to Earth.”

And her $500 tip certainly left an impression. Says Trombino, “Yes, she left a very nice gratuity.”