Okay so I get Miley is a little over the top, but Katy isn't.  She doesn't really do the "sex" card as much as Miley.  I think her statements are a little harsh, but I do agree that a 4 year old should not be watching, listening, or going to a Miley show right now. 

Classical singer Charlotte Church (who was really famous a few years ago) told STYLIST Magazine on Miley Cyrus:

"It’s so obvious this young lady has a skewed perspective because of what she’s been through. All she knows is to sell and be sold. This sounds patronising but in a couple of years she’ll change her tune. I went through a similar-ish thing, not to the depths she is taking it to.  But it’s exhibitionism. As a teenager, you’re really egocentric. Why would you give a f**k about the rest of society. I try to let my kids make their own way and be free, but trying to protect them and let them make their own choices at the same time [is hard].  For instance, I don’t want my little girl to see a Katy Perry video. I like Katy Perry; she’s funny, I’m not fussed on her music, but I don’t want my little girl to hold her up as an ideal. I think a lot of what she does is marketed to children. All that candy stuff [in her 'California Gurls' video]. If [Ruby] had seen that she would have loved it, sweets everywhere and then there she is, this naked chick!"