Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen "Wedding Crashers" and thought the movie was hilarious. But how would you feel if someone not only crashed your wedding but then showed up in all of the photos and videos too?

Krista Lamlin and Andrew Reilly got married back in January at the Valley Forge Casino & Resort and Lamlin noticed some people who weren’t invited. At first she thought it was someone she just hasn’t met yet but then realized no one else knew them either. According to Lamlin, “crashing and having a few drinks on them is one thing- but being memorialized via a very heavy presence in photos and video, well that’s entirely more upsetting.”

The newly married couple posted the photos online of the wedding crashers and the identity of the wedding crashers was revealed. The bride received an apology via Facebook: one of the crashers said, “they were guests of the hotel that night, bored, happened upon their wedding, and thought they’d have some fun.”

It’s great she got an apology, but it still doesn’t change the fact that when they look back on their special day, they will always see the wedding crashers.