Yay!  How cool!  I actually have to admit, I never had this sandwich, but I have heard it's amazing.  So we're not #1, but #5 is pretty good! According to askmen.com, here's the list.

10. The Kentucky Hot Brown at the Brown Hotel (Louisville, Ky.)

9. The Pulled Pork Sandwich at Payne's BBQ (Memphis, Tenn.)

8. The Pastrami Sandwich at Katz's Deli (New York, N.Y.)

7. The "Medianoche" Cuban Sandwich at Exquisito (Miami, Fla.)

6. The Pig Brain Sandwich at the Hilltop Inn (Evansville, Ind.)

5. The Roast Pork Sandwich at John's Roast Pork (Philadelphia, Pa.)

4. The French Dip at Philippe (Los Angeles, Calif.)

3. The Popcorn Shrimp Po'boy at the Parkway Tavern (New Orleans, La.)

2. The "John's Deluxe" at Pork Chop John's (Butte, Mont.)

1. The No. 19 at Langer's Deli (Los Angeles, Calif.)