We all know many people are trying to eat healthier and use all natural ingredients (like me). Companies have been pressured to make changes to their products, and Coke and Pepsi are just two companies to listen to consumers.

Sarah Kavanagh, a teenager in Mississippi started a petition on Change.org after learning that BVO is used in many Coke and Pepsi products. BVO or brominated vegetable oil “has been patented as a flame retardant and isn’t approved for use in Japan and the European Union.”  Apparently BVO is used to “distribute flavors more evenly in fruit-flavored drinks.” Umm… doesn’t sound natural to me!

Pepsi will start phasing BVO out of all of its products and Coke will be doing the same. No timeline has been set for when BVO will be removed from the products.


Kavanagh, who started the petition said “It’s really good to know that companies, especially big companies, are listening to consumers.” We couldn’t agree more!