How BEAUTIFUL is this story!! I almost shed a tear!

In 2012, Brandi's sister, Stephanie talked her into going to get pizza with her and their friend Savanah.  The Pizza Hut was only 5 miles down the road, but Brandi was worried about the used car her mother just bought, she didn't think it was safe. The car screeched and twent down a 15-Foot embankment and hit a bridge. Her  sister Stephanie and Brandi both died in the crash and the only reason she survived was volunteer firefighter Dustin Blair, who responded to the accident. 

Five months after her accident, Brandi was able to walk into the firehouse and thank the firefighters who helped save her life.  The last person to greet her was Dustin.  The two took a picture together and both insisted that the feeling was electrifying and could be the start of something new!

In the article, Dustin says that Brandi claims that he made her want to live again!

Ughhh!! I wish i could write every detail from this story it's so touching!!  Sounds like it could be a movie!!