In the famous words of N'Sync, Merry Christmasss and Happyyyy Holidaysss!  The majority of the time I post here, it's always fun stories about our favorite celebrities, funny You Tube videos, or fun things happen around Philly, so I always like to take some time to write a message to YOU, who make each and every year extra amazing for me. 

2013 was an interesting year for me. I had some really great highs (one of my most favorite people came back into my life, I traveled from LA to Miami to Orlando to LA to Chicago to New Orleans to Vegas to San Francisco to LA, I was chosen as one of Philly's Sexy Singles, and we got to see an N'Sync Reunion at the VMAs!) but unfortunately I had some really sad lows (my cousin Christa passed away at only 44 after a vicious 4 year battle with breast cancer, some not so nice friends (and boys) are no longer in my life, and I still didn't find the man of dreams).  I understand that not every year can be amazing, and I had a really really great 2012, so I kind of figured 2013 would be blah, and well, it was.  Ha!

I am a firm believer though in thinking positive, in being kind, in showing love.  You can never go wrong with kindness.  I am blessed to have an amazing amazing amazing family, friends who are like family, a job that still feels like a dream, so when things get a little down in the dumps, I focus on what truly matters. 

Thank YOU for always making each year incredible. For reading my blog and for listening each and everyday to make Q102 amazing. We couldn't do it without you. At all.

I believe in the magic of Christmas and I believe that Santa always wants to grant our Christmas Wish, so, with that said:

Dear Santa, I know there were definitely a few times during the year where I was naughty.  Maybe not as naughty as previous years, but I am guilty of not being 100% good all the time.  However, I am aware of when I haven't been my best and try to make better choices next time. (so please don't give me coal).  ;)

For Christmas I would like:

- To lose 30-40lbs in a healthy way. I don't know why I gained so much weight in the past year, but it's bothering me and I want to get it off.

- A boyfriend.  Funny, smart, nice, kind, loves sports, dancing, and who is good in math. I am ready. 

- For my career to reach another level. I am so blessed with my job, and I would like to do more. I want to reach my highest potential. 

- For my family and friends and coworkers to be happy, healthy, and get at least one thing they asked you for from their list. 

- To fit into my old clothes that are taking up space in my closet. I don't want to buy new ones, I still like those. 

- For the PPA (Philadelphia Parking Authority) to be more kind and give less tickets.

- For Soul Cycle to come to Philly. 

Thanks Santa!  

Merry Christmas!  xo <3