This is a truly heartbreaking story with a happy ending!

After the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, 4-year-old Raudhatal Jannah and her brother was thought by her family to be dead after they were swept away. They searched for a month, with no luck of finding her or at least her body. 

Since then, the siblings' parents gave up hope of ever finding their children. Until one day a family member noticed a girl who looked exactly like Raudhatal... and it was her. 

This week the family was reunited with their daughter and they were overjoyed. Raudhatal also said that she thinks her brother is probably still alive too and living on a nearby island. The family plans to look for him there so their entire family can be together once more. 

How crazy! So happy for the family and wish them the best of luck in finding their son :)