I am not a smoker, and never was, so it doesn't affect me, but bottom line, smoking is bad.  Period.  It's bad for the smoker and it's bad for people around the smoker. I know it seems drastic, but if it's not good, why should we be forced to be around it?

Here are the details:

Here are two proposed bills, Senate Bill No. 80 and House Bill No. 1485 by State Senator Stewart Greenleaf and State Representative Mario Scavello.

The Senate bill seeks a Pennsylvania smoking ban that will include all of the following:

• A full service truck stop.
• A residential facility. (Nursing homes, dorms, etc.)
• A private club.
• A drinking establishment.
• A gaming floor.
• Any outdoor deck, patio or similar outdoor service which is part of a food or drinking establishment.

As of now, you can smoke at dive bars, but this propsed bill wants to ban smoking in these places.  Also, currently there are no plans to ban smoking in your personal residence.  Which, even though smoking is bad, if people want to smoke in their own home, they should be allowed. 

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