The jig is up for this dog!

In 2007, the Miller family, from Texas, lost their dog. A few weeks ago, they got a call saying that their dog, Reese, had been found.

But then things got a little complicated. Apparently, between 2007 and now, another family had adopted the dog, named him Harley, and were looking for him after he was accidentally let out of their front door one day.

But how did the Millers know that it was their dog? Reese had a microchip that identified him that must not have been checked when a shelter took him in after he had been lost. 

But now who gets to keep Reese/Harley?! Both families are fighting for custody of the dog but someone is going to lose :( 

Maybe Reese/Harley should get a say in where he wants to go! Hopefully this situation works out!