Poll: Is CVS Making the Right Decision?

Wow!  I have to admit I am kind of shocked by this, but happy.  My stance is, tobacco is bad for you and the people around you, end of story.  I respect a company who cares more about people's health and wellness than money. It's rare. 

CVS announced they will phase out tobacco in U.S. retail stores by Oct. 1, saying that selling cigarettes side-by-side with medicine undermines the mission of promoting good health.

They will lose about $2 billion in revenues annually from sales of tobacco, but CVS Pharmacy president Helena Foulkes said it just makes sense for a firm now positioning itself as a health care company.

“It was very important to us that, as we’re working with doctors and hospital systems and health plans, that they see us as an extension of their services,” Foulkes said. “It’s virtually impossible to be in the tobacco business when you want to be a health care partner to the health care system.”