Well we DO know that Justin is coming back to Philly as he is extending the 20/20 experience!  Woo!  

And NOW JC will be in Philly too!  

It was announced over the weekend that JC Chasez is hitting the road this summer in the North American arena tour of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's Jesus Christ Superstar!  He's playing Pontius Pilate in the resurrected '70s rock musical, along with Destiny's Child's Michelle Williams as Mary Magdalene, former Sex Pistol "Johnny Rotten" Lydon as King Herod, Incubus's Brandon Boyd as Judas, and Ben Foster, winner of the U.K.'s Superstar competition, as Jesus. 

"I'm looking forward to the experience," Chasez told PEOPLE after the 50-date tour was announced on Good Morning America Friday. "This is honestly my first theater experience, so I'm being thrown into the fire of it but I'm excited because of the fact that we are doing something that feels pretty unique." 

The tour actually ends in Philly on Aug 17th at the Wells Fargo Center.