So, at Bey's and Jay's concert this weekend, Beyoncé made a very specific lyric change while she was performing her song "Resentment."

In the song, she says "I know she was attractive but I was here first, Been ridin' with you for six years why did I deserve, To be treated this way by you, you." And last night she changed the "six" to "twelve," AKA the number of years the couple have been married. 

Geez! If this lyric change really means Jay cheated on her, that's a pretty public way of making it known! Maybe the two are working things out and this is her way of venting her frustrations??

What do you think: simply a coincidence or Beyoncé and Jay Z are coming to a close??

Either way, we're still excited to see this power couple when they're in Philly on Saturday!!! 

If you want, here's the vid of Beyoncé's line change so you can see for yourself: