Ariana Grande has revealed that she thinks her ex boyfriend cheated on her... with another guy!

While discussing a new song on her upcoming album, "Break Your Heart Right Back," which is about a guy cheating on his girlfriend with another guy, she says she's "99.99%" sure that's what happened to her.

Now, what's to figure out is, which ex is she talking about?! Jai Brooks, who had a very public breakup with Ariana because SHE apparently cheated on HIM? OR is it the guy who she allegedly cheated on him with, member of The Wanted, Nathan Sykes?? Hmmm, would be interesting to find out...

But I guess we'll never know! Supposedly, Ariana is currently dating Big Sean, who just recently broke up with his fiancé Naya Rivera (but she got married already so it's OK.) 

Ariana says that if she were cheated on, she'd rather have it be with a guy instead of another girl, so maybe it's best that things happened this way??

Someday, maybe this full story will come out (HA! No pun intended ;))