Nope not his cars, not his sneakers, not his girl, but his FANS!!!  Gasp!  

“A lot of the girls that loved Bieber are now crushing on Harry Styles,” an insider told Radar Online. “And it’s not lost on the boys of One Direction. Both them and their team is fully aware that they are gaining fans who used to love Bieber, and they know it’s the perfect time to capitalise on it and swoop in to replace him.”

“All of the little girls that loved Bieber don’t love him anymore because ‘he’s bad’ and they are moving on to One Direction,” the source continued.

“The parents of these young fans are resentful of Justin’s behaviour and don’t think he’s a wholesome influence on their children anymore.

“So they’re pushing for their kids to like One Direction instead.”

A photographer recently filed a lawsuit against Justin, 19, and his bodyguard after he was reportedly choked.