In "The Simpsons" episode Season 6 Episode 11 "Fear of Flying" which originally aired on December 18th, 1994, the Simpson family takes a flight. Marge is worried because she forgot to clean the lint trap, Bart complains that he didn't want to be sat next to a baby (although it's his own little sister, Maggie) and Grandpa's eyes are so bad he thinks they're high in the air even though they are still on the ground. 

At the 8:40 mark of the episode, the flight attendant comes over the loudspeaker and announces: "Attention passengers, due to our policy of overselling flights, this flight has been oversold..." the cartoon then flips to the already seated passengers which seems eerily similar to the passengers of the recent United flight which kicked off an older man wearing glasses looking to be of Asian descent. 

Fortunately for The Simpsons, there was no brawl but instead an upgrade to first class -- a much happier ending then the events that occurred on the United flight that came more than 20 years after the episode aired!

Check out the cartoon below (Warning *foul language by user captioning) 

You can watch the full episode here: