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After a controversial Ultra Music Festival set a few weeks ago, Avicii had his fans, and everyone else in the dance music community, up in arms about his upcoming album. In a statement, he said, "This album is about experimentation and about showing the endless possibilities of house and electronic music. Its about how to incorporate acoustic instruments from different styles and influences you wouldnt expect and still stay true to your own sound and musicality which for me has always been about the melodies and positive energy."

He went on to say, "Every song on the album is a fusion with house and electronic music. We wanted to make a statement, and theres really no better place to make one than UMF mainstage. People will soon see what it's all about. "

Well now we do have a better idea of what his new album is all about. He posted a brand new official promo mix to his Soundcloud, including new tracks from his album, and encouraged everyone to "see what the fuss is all about."

The mix is unique, and showcases a lot of new tunes (even the "country" sounding ones), as well as some old favorites, and still captures that signature Avicii sound. If this is a prelude to the new album, we can't wait for its release!

Listen below: 

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