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Selena Gomez isn't confirming or denying the recent rumors that she and Justin Bieber are back together.  On Elvis Duran's morning show Wednesday, she kept things vague when the host pressed her about her trip to Europe last week to visit her ex on tour. 

Selena says she feels she has "given enough" of herself to the public, and that she wants to keep her private life private - although she knows "people do assume things."  She added that she wants to enjoy her life and "not have to worry about every single thing."  

The singer also addressed another controversy surrounding her performance at this month's MTV Movie Awards.  She had been criticized for wearing a bindi - a religious Hindu symbol - on her forehead while performing her Bollywood-inspired single "Come & Get It."  Selena said that her goal was only to "translate" the feel of the song, adding that she's been taking time to educate herself about the culture, which she called "beautiful." 

Listen to the full interview below: