Luke Bryan may have fallen off stage during his concert in Charlotte, North Carolina this week, but he shouldn't feel too bad - because quite a few superstars have been in the same boat!

Everybody takes a tumble sometimes! Check out some of the most epic on stage wipe-outs over the past few years:

Selena Gomez

While on her "Stars Dance Tour" in 2013, Selena Gomez went down while performing her hit "Slow Down" at her show in Fairfax, VA. Her fall was pretty graceful! (3:27)

Chris Brown

In 2011 during his "The F.A.M.E. Tour," Chris brown was walking down a ramp while performing "Beautiful People" when he slid down and landed on his booty!(3:10) 

Lady Gaga

Mother Monster took a spill during a show in 2011. With one foot on the piano bench and the other on the piano itself, the bench eventually gave way and Gaga went down with it during her peformance of "It's You." Like a trooper, she didn't even skip a beat! 


During a show in the U.K., Drake tumbled backwards while performing "Take Care." The rapper showed off some ninja-like moves and made it look like part of the show! Now THAT is talent! (1:28)

Justin Bieber

While performing "Beautiful" alongside Carly Rae Jepsen at a show in Canada, Biebs attempted to walk down a set of stairs, but ended up sliding down a small portion on his rear-end! Ouch! (1:59)


Even Queen Bey falls sometimes. While rocking out and walking down a staircase during a show, Bey slides her way down to the stage! Like the true Queen she is, she got right back up and started singing.

Beyonce also got her hair caught in a fan last year. Even with her long locks being pulled by the fan, she continues to sing like an angel.


During one of her shows RiRi was walking across the stage when she tripped and fell on her knees! That must have hurt, but she got right back up and continued like nothing happened! Ri-spect!